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Simming Resources

This page lists resources for the simming community. To add to this list suggest a site in the comments or contact our staff.

The Simming Prize – Simming Prize Award Site
Anodyne Productions – Makers of Nova and SMS.
Role Play Wiki – A wiki about simming and role playing. Contains former contents of SimEnc.
SciFi Avatars Site – An independent site that provides images and avatars.
Star Trek Sim Recruiting Group – A Facebook based recruiting group.
Star Trek Recruitment – A discord server for recruiting members for your game.
Kuro RPG – A site that contains rank pips, avatars and other graphical assets.
RPG Directory – A forum based recruitment site. – A worldbuilding notebook application.
StarFleetUK – A Star Trek Sim hosting site. – A useful task tracking tool.
Ex Astris Scientia – A site with useful information about Trek, images for ship designs and various other details.
A Call to Duty: Ship Specs – Technically accurate information regarding starship classifications, data and manuals. This site is affiliated with a role play but is a valuable source for canon accurate information.