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Role Playing

This page lists currently active role plays which are part of the TNU Storyline as well as links to story related information and additional details. Please note some of our games have adult content. We try our best to mark games as adult which contain such interactions but sometimes due to the fluid nature of writing we are unable to screen every post. If you have issues with a game’s content please contact Player Services via the contact page.

Play by Post/Play by Chat Games:
ENRB: DFS Lavie (Adults only)
Marsia Academy: The Third Wave (Adults only; On Hiatus) (A Visual Novel about this story is under construction.)
ENRB: DFS Phoenix (Adults only)

Individual Projects:
TNU: Neue Leben der Zukunft (On Hiatus)
TNU: Trinity Command (Occurs in the background of the other projects.)
TNU: Skynet Revealed (Crossover game; Adults only) (On Hiatus)

Important links:
Old Forums (Prior to 2018)
Old Nova Writing Site (2018 – 2019)
TNU Wiki

Below is a summary of our stories as a whole. The events listed are not necessarily in order of chronology. 


The Core storyline once called Sessions takes place in an alternative reality of the United Federation of Planets where a sect of humanity left Earth and developed a new government. Thousands of years pass and this government creates a special force to handle its special forces and counter-terrorism operations called Delta Force (formerly Guardian Force). Many changes occur over the lifetime of this government and even as it shifts one constant remains; Delta Force. The story follows the crews and commanders of ships or field teams in this organization and later its child organizations. The story timeline is currently in the year 4566 and while the Federation is long gone a new government attempting to build off of its ideals called the Galactic Federation has come to exist. Sessions branched off into a new child story titled Eine Neue Reise Beginnt which is a German translation of A New Journey Begins. In this namesake it follows the events leading up to the formation of and the solidification of the Trinity Special Operations Unit and its transition into the Orteria Sovereignty’s Royal Military Authority. The arc begins following Yuka Layton in her arrival into this future from modern day Earth; thereafter it follows Erin Mizriki; a journalism student from modern day Earth whom also ends up in this other world after inadvertently ending up in the middle of a clandestine war that causes her to transcend time and space. The final and current arc follows Sumire Rembrant and her staff as she becomes the Queen of Orteria and ventures to fix the corruption within the Galactic Federation and its holdings. The list below gives information about past stories up to Yuka’s arrival in the universe. 


DFS Lavie
This story follows the crew of the DFS Lavie after Misuki joins President Hukari Carain’s staff. It shows the aftermath of the creation of Faith Special Forces. Yuka Layton a girl from the 21st century was brought into this time by Jim Olend for unknown reasons. She joins the crew of the Lavie and eventually takes command of it. DFS Lavie is also where all of the other TNU stories start to intermix and canon as a whole becomes one.

Marsia Academy (Later The World of Tomorrow and The Third Wave)
Marsia follows the students of the Marsia Academy School in space. It also branches off in to TWoT and later parts of Misuki’s journey.

Justice follows Mimi Sorinson and her team part of the Special Policing Unit of The Alchemy Commission. This story starts Mimi’s branch of the story. It eventually is combined with the Misuki branch and they both share the main protagonist role for a while. This story goes from 2562 tuntil right before Marsia Academy: The Third Wave.

Justice: Shattered Stars
See this link for a summary of Justice:SS.

Einem Ereignislosen Nacht
A summary of EEN is here.

Arcane Wish
Arcane With is a side story of the Core storyline which follows Captain Miki Kitrage and her crew on a pirate vessel.

Shadow Fire
Shadow Fire followed Alex Ryan (Later Werner) and her crew in their missions. Shadow Fire is the first branch-off from the Core Story. It was a member of Omega Fleet Community, Siren Fleet and Federation Sim Fleet.

Separate Arcs

This story follows a planet called Kiru and the soldiers and nobility within the nation of Hentori whom were initially peaceful but following the use of a nuclear weapon by the Empire the two countries are now at war. This story also provides limited backstory into the Core story through the eyes of an android named Ahura Mazda whom was found in Hentori by one of Hentori’s Princesses. Ahura’s care is currently overseen by Captain Kaiori Tatolus and he is being taught about humanity by Yukari Solarus whom he is also romantically involved with.

Atsikai Project
Atsikai’s two stories follow separate parts of the world of Alen-Morein. This world is ravaged by war and unbeknown to most of the humans inhabiting this world spirit beings known as Atsikai battle in the shadows. There is and has always been a raging battle between the good Atsikai and the evil Atsikai for control over this world. Ever-so-often powerful Atsikai known as Lord Spirits contract with humans to combine their power together and through the powers within themselves give the world a fighting chance in this ever-changing battle so that one day it will end for good and bring peace to the world of Alen-Morein before all of civilization is lost!

To The Skies
To the Skies follows Jessica Rowin and Cassandra Echelon. They are members of an elite secret organization that was created to combat the evils of the world within the Empire. This is the story of their adventures and that of the members of their party. They are members of the Dragonriders and their goal is to overthrow the government of the Emperor and create a peaceful world where everyone can live happily. During her adventures Cassandra meets Luneth a summoner in the Village of Souls whom she creates a bond with, Ayano Kogi a member a royal house, Taylor Larson an assassin for the Imperial Government, her partner Vekoma and her dragon guardian Artimus. Together they vow to defeat the Emperor.

Visions of Madness
VoM takes place in Japan; the year is 2014 and the world is full of families of magic users whom fight for control over the nations of Earth and Earth itself. The story follows Natsuki Yun along with her partners and colleagues as they fight to maintain world order.

Unrelated Stories

Black Shift
 A lighthearted time travel story where Misuki Raion and other TNU characters are sent back in time to modern day Earth. Some of TNU’s writers make cameo appearances in this story.

A story about a post-apocalypse Earth and the adventures of one pirate crew as they venture to stop the New Earth Government from enslaving the populous.

Stories involving TNU crossover from modern day. Two stories exists within this line so far; involving Seph and Risa becoming a couple and the second being Erin Mizriki ending up in the future with Brandon Maccloud.

Days of Manhattan
A story about spies in modern day Earth.