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Mid-Year Update

Good afternoon,

Today, we are sharing a mid-year update with a few key highlights:

  • SciWorld Feedback: We hope everyone enjoyed SciWorld. The staff had a great time, and the overall feedback was positive. We look forward to seeing you all at FallFest and around our various communities.
  • AI Implementation: Over the past few months, we’ve focused on integrating AI applications into our writing and editing processes. Our goal is to develop a Discord bot that assists with grammar, NPC writing, and other simming-specific tasks.
  • Site Mergers: We have successfully merged all of our sites. We hope you find the combined SimmingHub and TNU sites more useful and easier to navigate.
  • Partner and Writing Programs: We’ve seen increased activity in our partner and writing programs. We look forward to introducing new awards, enhancing community engagement, and promoting excellent writing through these initiatives. A big thanks to the groups participating behind the scenes! We hope to share more details soon.

Have a great summer! If you have any ideas for improvements or need assistance, feel free to contact me on Discord or via email.

Best regards,