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The New Universes Project is a community created with the goal of giving people a fun place to write, meet new people and express their fandom for the genres in which our community’s stories represent. To accomplish this and allow everyone equal access to this environment the community adopted the below charter to act as the organizing policies for this community and its oversight bodies which are also defined in this document.

Incorporation and Governance
As of January 31st 2020 The New Universes Project officially formed as a corporation moving from being an fan-based association for the first 19 years of its existence. Along with this incorporation it has created this charter to govern itself as noted above.

All people of the universe whom are over the age of 18 are free to join the Project if they have no prior negative history with the project or its affiliated organizations.
All player characters must be approved prior to the member being officially allowed to begin participating.
All members must have at least a valid email address on file for members of the staff team to reach them should there be important information that needs to be relayed or if they need to be located for activity reasons. 
No member will be FORCED to pay dues however all members must meet a certain level of general activity as deemed by the Council.
Community Code of Conduct
Respecting fellow members and those placed in positions to oversee operations is a cornerstone of this group. We ask that all members keep this in mind when communicating here; while everyone is entitled to freedom of speech there is a line that members are to understand and not cross.

When a member joins the writing operations it is expected that they understand by joining, they have made a commitment to their fellow writers and as such they attest that they will remain active and not halt the community or story due to their own disappearance. If someone needs to leave or take time away, they will notify a person of authority of such need so that it does not affect the larger community.
Those in authority have complete control over plot, crew, and progression of the story however, member input is welcomed and encouraged. New ideas help the group grow and build the story.
Members understand that seriously injuring or killing other player characters can affect the story. If they intend to do so they will seek permission from the person controlling that character and those within positions of authority for approval. This does not apply to non-player characters. This rule applies to installations and non-person entities as well as these may have plot repercussions if they are destroyed.  
Each mission/story has been thought out and derived after some serious thought. Everyone has plans for the story please seek guidance before you attempt to make major changes to the story, characters or other events. 
Members are expected to put the stability of the group above themselves. If a member wishes to file a complaint about the actions of staff or other members, the state of the group or resign because of events in the group, they need to do so in a professional and polite manner. If the group suffers due to player malice or malcontent, than the player is violating this rule and is subject to disciplinary action.
Please do not use the community as a place to conduct illegal activities, spam others, distribute people’s personal information without their permission or otherwise cause harm or annoyance to others. This guideline goes along with the first one; please understand where the line is and do not cross it. 
If you are disciplined for violation of these guidelines you are NOT to attempt to circumvent methods in place to punish you; doing so will result in further disciplinary action up to and including legal action.
Group Administration
The New Universes Project is maintained by a team of professional server technicians, administrative support staff as well as writing and gaming enthusiasts. A select group of members is taken from the community to oversee day-to-day operations; this group is known as the Project Council and is overseen by the Administrative Coordinator. From that group two decision makers are selected; the Administrative Coordinator as noted above and Vice President by the Council. These three positions can appoint other assistant personnel should they see a need with Council approval.
The Administrative Coordinator oversees central group operations and is the supervisor of the Technical Support/Community Support staff/volunteers. The Administrative Coordinator shall also be known on official documents as the President of the organization. The Vice President Position is to assist the Administrative Coordinator/President in the acting upon of his duties and such actions as required by law. The Administrative Coordinator will also act as the recorder and secretary for Council meetings to record events and official records of the organization or the council shall select a person deemed for such role if the AC does not want such role.
Game Masters oversee direct operation of stories/sims within TNU’s role playing universes; their mission and implementation of ideas from the Council, Story Team and community members. These positions are also selected by council vote and overseen by the President/Vice President.
Each sim within the Project has a representative selected by the Project Council to ensure its concerns are addressed but any participant in the Community is allowed to come to the Technical Support/Community Services Teams if they need assistance or have a concern.

Each of these selected representatives serves a five-year term and is elected by their game’s membership at the end of that five-year term.

Technical Support Team Members are paid contractors whom come on servers or the forums to ensure things are in order and working as intended. Community Services Team Members are selected members from the Community or outside of it who provide help to new players, moderate the forums/servers and to be a support system for any member who needs help. 
There is also an additional department known as the Story Team which assists the Council in operational management of the story; helping to keep the canon of the universe in line, answer canonical questions proposed by the community and offer themselves as a story based sounding board for the Council should it be necessary. 
The Council, Technical Support, Community Services and Story Teams serve at the whim of all of the members within the Project. If a member has a problem with the actions of the Council, TS, CS or Story Teams they can bring their concerns directly to the Project Council or Administrative Coordinator.
New Voting Council Members can be allowed into the Council with 2/3rds vote of the Council.
Council Members can be administratively ejected from the Council by 2/3rds vote of the Council.
Special Seats on the Council can be appointed by 2/3rds vote of the Council.
New sims can be allowed into the organization through vote by the council as through the same policy above with 2/3rds vote however a council representative must also be selected and the incoming game must be willing to comply with the Member Code of Conduct.
If the Administrative Coordinator is incapacitated then the Vice President holds this position until a replacement can be selected. 
If no vote has been conducted the Administrative Coordinator position will fall upon the most senior Project Council member until such time as the Council can meet to decide on a selection.

Special Seats on the council exist for purposes where sims are not active enough to be considered full members or the voting council member is not active enough to properly represent their story in affairs related to the organization as a whole. In this case, they are limited to voting on matters that only apply to their specific story/sim. Full seats or members not in a special seat are considered active and have met activity guidelines as set forth within this charter.

Active council members are those defined as members who are actively involved in role-playing operations, administrative operations or assisting in direct community support within the organization within the last month. If a council member is not falling into the above then they will move down into a special seat status for as long as they need.
Further articles and sections to this Charter can be proposed by Council Members at any time. The Council must vote on these changes.